Bad Black Drops Down In Tears During A Church Confession Period Over Sex!

I have been masturbating for 11 years – Bad Black confesses at Pastor Kayanja’s church

Bad Black Drops Down In Tears During A Church Confession Period Over Sex!
Story by Gee Mukama \

City socialite cum daughter of God, socialite Shanita Namuyimba aka Bad Black aka Snail Baby is one of the most OPEN AND HONEST people in the game of showbiz. . . she’s what the street fellas call “REAL”.  

 Well she kept it VERY REAL yesterday, when she confessed that she has not had sex in months at Pastor Kayanja’s church, Miracle Centre Rubaga. While confessing, Bad Black dropped in tears as she admitted to have been struggling with immorality especially the evil spirit of fingering her privates…what learned fellows call masturbation.

 “On New Year’s eve, I asked God to help me to stop drinking and immortality. I told myself…’God, I love you more than anyone’.....

I have spent 11 years masturbating but I have changed because of this program of God at this church. I spend my weekends here and no longer spend time in bars. I must finish this year when I am getting married.…..

I have spent 2 months without sex and I don’t want a man at the moment, I was scared of standing here. I kept on saying fire. I will stand there…..

I was born in this church and I thank Pastor Jessica for looking after me. I want to thank God for 77 dogs as they have changed my life. Satan had taken me back to the bar after I got born again here. I would go to the ghettos to hide so that people don’t know. I am a big sinner, drunkard and immoral, but now I have decided to change” Bad Black boldly told the congregation.

Mind you, Bad black has of recent been on social media BRAGGING how she swallowed the whopper of Tanzanian singer, Alikiba.

Stay PRAYED UP y’all for Bad Black!!

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