Sunday Column: Kusasira snatches Bebe Cool’s, Big size, title ... Zahara Toto out, Mary Luswata in

Hey, welcome to this week’s roundup of all the hot gossip swirling around town

Sunday Column: Kusasira snatches Bebe Cool’s, Big size, title ... Zahara Toto out, Mary Luswata in
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If you’re here for the first time; hey, take a pew. Feel at home. Here, we talk about the fire stories of the week. The good, the bad, and bizarre news. Our inspiration is this; gossiping makes the world go round and round.

Now without wasting any more minute of your time, let’s delve into the top stories this week.

Kusasira snatches Bebe Cool’s, Big size, title

Previously, Catherine Kusasira made news for juggling her current husband and her ex. She would break up with Fred Sseruga, her man, sing about it, ‘cheating’ on him with another musician. Those days are behind her. She is a new person. She is happily married, and mingling with the president. She has Museveni on speed dial and goes to State House whenever she feels like without being stopped. Kusasira is big in size, that’s one reason she is known. Her status has also grown after her ‘business’ with the president became evident. She is the minister for condolences. A post that has been bestowed upon her after she delivered 20M to the late Yasin Kawuma’s family and late Muhammad Kirumira’s family.

When Kusasira fights it is not with fellow Kadongo Kamu musicians now, but with ministers. While Bebe Cool is busy quarrelling with Bobi Wine’s fans on his Facebook page, Kusasira is busy taking her place as Big Size, Munene Munene.

Fameika dumps Lukoma…he loves Sheila

You read it. Fameika snubbed Hellen Lukoma. He refused to appear on a video set with her to shoot the music video for their song, Nyaabo Sebbo. Hellen decided to shoot it alone but with great pain.

This same week, Fameika said, Sheila is the sexiest woman alive. When he said it, Lukoma did not know it also means, she, Sheila, is the only woman he wants to appear with in music videos, in bed, and the only woman who can wear his shirts.

Poor Lukoma.

Zahara Toto out, Mary Luswata in

This week, the curtain was pulled down to end Zahara Toto and Annatalia Ozze’s famous gossip show, Live Wire. The two ladies have been fierce, blunt, and unapologetically ruffling feathers while making enemies in the process. Just the other week, one hit wonder, Lil Pazo got the opportunity to be talked about on TV, but it was not the things he wanted to hear. He stormed the Serena based TV to thump the two ladies but was thrown out by security. Only a few days later, it is the presenters being thrown out, along with the show’s producer.

For gossip show presenters, the grass is never greener on the other side when they fall out of favor on TV shows where they’re made. Mary Luswata can attest to it. Luswata has sunk low since she left Urban TV some years go. Toto and Annatalia had taken Luswata’s place as the biggest gossip queen’s in town. As Luswata returns on TV, she has started with beating those that had taken her place. Sorry Toto, and Ozze!

Thanks for reading, great week ahead.

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