Ashburg Kato's Fall from Grace Deepens with Property Fiasco

Ex-blogger Ashburg Kato has been exposed by the owners of the property he recently showcased to the public.

Ashburg Kato's Fall from Grace Deepens with Property Fiasco
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Ex-blogger Ashburg Kato recently found himself in hot water when the owners of the property he showcased to the public exposed his claims. They revealed that Kato had only asked to be the caretaker of the home, as they are often in the city managing their businesses and caring for their families.

During his blogging days, he was financially comfortable and enjoyed a close friendship with Bobi Wine. Bobi even welcomed him into his home, introducing Kato to his wife and children. However, during the 2021 general elections, Kato's fortunes took a turn when he switched allegiance to the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM), betraying Bobi Wine.

This political shift did not go well for Kato. His social media platforms were hacked and deleted, erasing his online presence. Following this setback, Kato disappeared from the public eye for a while.

Recently, he resurfaced in the villages, presenting a home that he implied was his own. However, it has now come to light that this property is not his. The actual owners have expressed their frustration, noting that Kato has not taken proper care of the home.

“Ashburg Kato is not the owner of the Kakiiri home that he is showing. It is my home that my dad left, and we now want him out of that home,” one of the owners stated.

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