Love for brown thighs lands Moses Magogo Into US Sanctions

US sanctions Speaker Among, Magogo among other Ugandan public officials

Love for brown thighs lands Moses Magogo Into US Sanctions
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Anita Among, the speaker of Uganda's Parliament, is in hot water again. The US just hit her with a big blow – sanctions! This means she can't visit the United States anymore, and it looks like her political career is taking a serious hit.

Her husband, Moses Magogo, the head of Uganda's football association,FUFA, also got caught in the crossfire. Spouses of a few other officials facing sanctions are in the same boat.

Among isn't alone. Two former government ministers, Mary Goretti Kitutu and Agnes Nandutu, are back on the naughty list for allegedly stealing aid meant for people in need. A top military officer, General Elwelu, is also being punished for his role in a deadly attack on civilians years ago.

The US is saying these powerful people abused their positions for personal gain and hurt ordinary Ugandans. They also accuse them of cracking down on opposition voices and human rights.

The US hopes these sanctions will clean things up in Uganda. They want more transparency, less corruption, and for everyone to have a fair shot at a good life. They believe punishing these officials will discourage others from acting the same way.

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