Lady Aisha – There Is No Sex- Network At Bakayimbira

Rumor making rounds is that the sexual network at Bakayimbira Dramactors has gone to another level, forcing members to come out and clarify to their fans.

Lady Aisha – There Is No Sex- Network At Bakayimbira
Story by Emma Parsy \

Lady Aisha, a top member and one of the group directors has come out to clarify once that the group is still strong, showing no signs of going down and the hearsay that has been making rounds is not factual.

In an exclusive phone interview with Howwebiz, Aisha said; “Nze ne’wunya (I wonder) where those guys get the stories! Akitufu kili nti (the truth is that) Bakayimbira has no problems and for the girls like flavia that have gone, their time was up, because of them are students and others maybe didn’t fit to be in the group…so let people know that there is nothing like sex in Bakayimbira.”

She added, “for the girls that left I repeat it was their time to leave not the sex staff. We have shows that are coming up and they are still graced with super actress…”