Ug Cypher 2 Review

In this Cypher 2 all these N—ers are so bossy, flossy, taking dirt off their shoulders like b—ch get off me, they are so fly and ready to fly

Ug Cypher 2 Review
Story by Ekaleti Samuel \

The highly anticipated Ug Cypher 2 Is out and it’s to the standard that you and I expect .Ug Cypher 1 had quiet many rappers with brief bars compared to Ug Cypher 2 that has few rappers with dope bars. In this Cypher 2 all these N—ers  are so bossy, flossy, taking dirt off their shoulders like b—ch get off me, they are so fly and ready to fly. Every rapper says they are the best, something rappers do often because it’s one of raps’ unwritten laws!

Ug Cypher 1 has Navio, Atlas Da African, The Mith, St.Nelly Sade, Tucker hd, Big Tril, Dj global, Keko, Ruyonga, JB, Don Mc, llyboc, GNL Zamba and Flex D’ Paper respectively with Samurae on the beat presented by Talent Africa.

Ug Cypher 2 has, ThreeCard, Navio, Ninja C, Tucker hd, St. Nelly Sade, Lyrical G, Ruyonga, Enygma, Mun* G, The Mith, Big Tril and Flex D’ Paper respectively hosted by Talent Africa.

Here are every rappers’ verse highlights

ThreeCard – who flows about his dad making something almost out of nothing, time waits for no man he feels like he’s behind and how he has seen things you wouldn’t beliver and how he has written rhymes that are too ill for any MC/rapper to conceive ,

Navio – Talks about how he hasn’t seen his best years yet, how his mum survived the stubbin which makes them the Kigozi’s tough ‘coz it runs in the bloodline, then without forgetting his right hand Flex D’ Papper that he referred to as coming from alcoholix to rappaholic. Flex D’ papper in Ug Cypher 1 referred to Navio as a Ug rapper King, I guess it’s not a surprise Navio for Navio to return the favor mutually,

Ninja C – the only female, repping talent 256 and talking about how she’s so Ug Like Klear Kut (Is she close to the Mith Mr. So Ug? But she did feature in go hard video by The Mith though!) and being an avenger with her flow,

Tucker hd – Compares the vocals of fellow airport taxi member Martha Smallz to those of Maurice Kirya, that his flow is splendid getting all of them offended then he finalizes by comparing fake rappers to Anita Fabiola’s fake hips!

St. Nelly Sade – I don’t even click that much Luganda but one thing I know for sure Nelly shut the Cypher down with his luga prowess  and I did catch one thing though he talked of toyambala emidali  and he did mention about Arsenal and management like stuff, excuse my Luganda and terrible at it, sorry fans!

Lyrical G – Raps about how he’s legend to be followed and his tactics will make n—ers catch seizures, brags about being convicted with first degree lyrical murder , sick as Hiv, leaving other rappers stretched out and permanently stuck to IV,

Ruyonga – Hints on Glory fire album of his ahead of concert, Album wasn’t out yet officially by the time he recorded his verse, that he’s still Africa’s spokes man ,when he challenges any one he’s trying to provoke a volcano, he spits larva, judgment is approaching , worry about Christ coming, He’s no gang star, he’s a boss , Ssebo Sitya loss ,

Enygma – Raps about being a genius people are furious about his lyrics that’s the meaning of furious, he’s taking over the Nile, Spitting fire for these Africans with their Xenophobia Styles, he’s tripping you with Mugabe, He has cooler twins because he has a cooler Kyana , He moulds the rhymes that loads over your channel, He will be pushing platinum baby but he’s never Zari,

Mun* G – Went all comic, that he’s killing animals Eid Aduha when he comes to these other rappers baleka mu pamper (leaves them in the pamper), he makes paper making rappers bow down, talks about he’s contracts with airtel that he’s a billboard rapper, million n--er , all these other girls are stuck to his ass like Kapintos ,

The Mith – Mr. so Ug is raps about being proud to an uncle again, that has gotten him thinking what better way is there to kill these other rappers than with a pen, he looked around for the next rap threat, they will never walk his steps, so let him score respect, score more checks and making sure the shoes are on check, He’s a tuff flow until he’s dead and he’s blinded by competition they will never see him blunder and that he’s like a street kid looking for what to none of these guys will ever match his anger

Big Tril – Flows about being one man on a mission like 007 doing lyrical assassinations and he to you rappers (the wack ones) are late for school and he hopes you paid your fees,as his mind expands and money increases, While these other rappers get skipped like YouTube add, for him he’s on a road and he’s raw , never been a faker and he’s the best no denying,

Flex D’ paper – He’s flow is all about being the leader of new school (for the record no school is better than old school), He showed the kids it’s possible, that R.I.P to your career you in the past, He passed under Anaconda Like Meek Mill, that there too many wack rappers you better seat still, He’s on top of the game still, regardless of how you feel, he’s the leader of old school he’s being real.

Watch the Cypher here

Ug Cypher 2 worth it, Opinions are welcome leave a comment below thanks a gain