City Model Katrina Nilzero Goes Panty less — Photos

City model, Katrina Uwamahoro, also known as Nilzero has shared a photo wearing next to nothing and she’s comfortable.

City Model Katrina Nilzero Goes Panty less — Photos
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Katrina Nilzero has put a decidedly unique spin in fashion by posing panty less, put her bum on the floor.

Yesterday, Katrina shared sexciting and whopper-awakening while she had no pants.

See photo

Katrina Uwamahoro with no pant

It should be noted, this isn’t the first time the model is sharing controversial photos. A few months ago, Katrina shared semi-nude snapshots while she held her tiny boobies, covering them, as the rest of the body was up for public viewing.

Katrina Nilzero simply naked

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