Most Common Mistakes Used In English

English grammar is notoriously tricky and irregular. Here's our essential guide for EFL students wanting to avoid common grammar mistakes.

Most Common Mistakes Used In English
Story by Gee Mukama \

Numerous English speakers make common lip-offs in both written in spoken. It's because we have deliberately given no critical attention to these errors in that they have become so normal and people no longer mind using them wrongly.

Artiste and Artist
Many people think these words mean the same and some might be just finding out the difference in spelling now. An artiste with "E" at the end means a public performer like a musician, dancer, comedian mention it. The other Artist with that ends with just "T" means a person who creates art,  someone skilled at some activity. Hope you now know how to used the above two effectively.

This is yet another common error in spoken English when to use less or fewer in a sentence.
Fewer is used to refer to things you can count individually such as cars, pens, books, phones etc.
Less is for things that can't be counted for example water, salt, sugar etc.

Amount /Number
A lot of confusion comes in here as well but will help you get these two correctly.
An amount is used to refers to the thing you can't count individually for example water while Number is used for countable things like glasses,phones etc.

Affect is a verb to mean to have influence or impact on while effect refers to the result of being affected.

It's and its
Its a possessive pronoun . Examples would be: The puppy played with its toy.
it’s ,  contraction of it is. Examples would be: It’s much too hot in July. I think it’s going to rain. I doubt it’s ever going to be the same.

Loose and lose.
Loose basically refers to be free or released . for example, my belt is loose.
Lose is to suffer a loss, to misplace.

A while ago/sometime back
Another common bunch of words used wrongly. A while ago can be used to refer to an event that occurred minutes/hours in the past.
Some time back , Sometimes refers to a moment of time, not a period, so saying some time back is equivalent to something like Last year back .

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