Reasons Why He Is Taking Too Long To Propose?

Well, a guy shouldn't feel like he's being forced into getting engaged—at the end of the day, you want him to want to marry you.

Reasons Why He Is Taking Too Long To Propose?
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1. “Your love is still young”

Perhaps lady, you are the one in a rush getting yourself ahead of things. Relax, enjoy being loved. Love is a process.

2. “He doesn’t want marriage”

Maybe you’ve been committing yourself to a man who is not even keen on marrying. That’s why it’s important to find out someone’s view of marriage before dating.

3. “You are too demanding”

Perhaps you lady are too extravagant. You want a big wedding, a big house, high lifestyle which currently may be beyond the capacity of you and your man. This might put him off. He wants to please you, but you are too hard to please.

4. “He thinks you are not ready”

Maybe he looks at you and sees you not ready. You cannot handle family life, you are reckless with money, you care more about having fun than building a future, you are not settled, you have some growing up to do. Marriage is a huge responsibility.

5. “There is another woman”

Perhaps another woman is causing him to doubt if you are the one. He is looking at you and asking if you are truly the one. You haven’t been that good towards him. Are you sure he is focused on only you? Do you feel he is not giving 100% like he used to, you feel like you are sharing his attention with another?

6. “He is scared of marriage”

We live in a world where people are skeptical about marriage. So many marriages breaking, high divorce rates, unhappy marriages. Perhaps he saw his parent’s marriage breaking. Perhaps he loves you but is finding marriage too big a risk. He needs you to talk his fears through.

7. “Your in-laws are a headache”

Perhaps your family is hostile towards him, they don’t approve of him and he feels their negativity. If this is the case, he will need you to show him you love him despite the negative vibe. He needs an ally in you.

8. “His close friends are not married”

If a man hangs around unmarried men, and he succumbs to peer pressure; he will find it hard to change his status by taking the relationship to the next level. He finds comfort in his boys and maintains the status quo.

9. “He is not financially ready”

Marriage is a wonderful dream to have, but he could be asking himself hard questions especially if he doesn’t have much money. “Where will we stay?”, “Will we struggle?”, “What about the cost of the wedding?”

10. “External voices don’t like you”

Perhaps his family or friends don’t approve of you and he is caught up in the middle. He loves you but the external voices are making him hesitant.

11. “He actually thinks you two are already married”

If you two are in a come-we-stay relationship, perhaps you even have a child; maybe he thinks you two are already married. He is already living with you as if you are his wife, so why do more?

12. “He thinks marriage is a prison”

Some men think marriage is a prison. The thought of committing to one woman to them seems boring. A man with this dark view about marriage is dangerous for you, he is the type who will resent you and maybe cheat on you because you are spoiling all his fun.

13. “You two have drifted apart”

Perhaps your relationship right now is pathetic. You two have been together for so long but how things are now is not how they used to be. People get married because the future looks more promising than the wonderful history of the past.

14. “You have changed”

Maybe you are not the woman he fell in love with. You have become difficult, hurtful, destructive and stressful. A man doesn’t marry a woman for the good she used to be but for the good she’s consistently been and still is.

15. “He has changed”

Maybe life has changed him, so many events have happened in life. It’s become clear you two are not compatible. Lady, you want an honest man. A man to marry you not out of obligation or force but out of willingness, passion and joy.

17. “He is not sure of a future with you”

Maybe he is no longer sure you want him in your life that much. You are making him feel you don’t need him. He sees no value he is bringing to your life.

18. “He doesn’t like the logistics of weddings”

Weddings are not exciting to every man. Many men go through the wedding to make the woman happy and to officially secure her. If the wedding is not a success, the man feels he failed. Maybe he loves you but thinks of all the planning involved and it unsettles him. But if his love for you is great, he will stop giving excuses and marry you.

19. “He is waiting for the perfect moment”

Lady, it could be that he loves you and wants you to be his wife. He is seriously preparing the perfect proposal and wedding.

20. “You two are in a long-distance relationship”

No one wants to marry then be far from their spouse. Maybe he is waiting for you two to plan how and when the distance will be done away with so that marriage will make more sense. You two need to talk about how you will do this.

21. “You are dating material but not wife material”

Maybe he enjoys loving you, he is faithful to you. You make a wonderful lover but he doesn’t see wife material in you. You are fun but not suitable to build a home with. You want a marriage lady, but are you a wife in waiting?

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