Reasons Why You Are Always Dumped

You might be wondering why your relationship ended and maybe angry at your ex for quitting.

Reasons Why You Are Always Dumped
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You might be wondering why your relationship ended and maybe angry at your ex for quitting. The truth is there were some certain things you kept doing all the time that were not cool. If you are thinking of a second chance with your ex or thinking of starting a new relationship, it’s good you know the reasons your relationship didn’t work. I have got some of the best reasons why your relationship didn’t work.


Quarrels are unavoidable in every relationship but when it becomes regular then it’s an issue. When you have to pick a fight with your partner over every little thing, then you shouldn’t be wondering why your relationship ended. If you had reduced the quarrel then you would have still had your relationship. Some arguments can be avoided, try your best to avoid them if you get back your partner.


Can you recall how you cared so much about your partner in the beginning? Why did you stop cos that’s why you were dumped? Your partner wants you to ask questions about his/her life and well-being and when you do that it shows you really do care. So before you ask for a second chance, ensure you always care and don’t stop caring.


Inasmuch as your partner loves and cares for you, they also need to hang out with their friends sometimes. Trying to put an end to your partner’s relationship with their friends may have been the reason for your breakup.


Let me guess, the sex was so great when you guys started your relationship. So for whatever reason, the sex became so boring and even non-existent, do you really think your partner will stick around? That’s why you were dumped. If you succeed in getting back your relationship, then you should ensure the sex doesn’t go down to zero level.


It’s annoying when you in a new relationship and you still do everything with your ex. It’s definitely gonna affect your partner and that’s probably why you got dumped. If you get your relationship back, you need to know how to handle your ex. If your partner isn’t comfortable with tem around, you probably should do something.

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