6 Fabulous Tips to Boost Her Sex Drive

There are times when you will be in the mood, but she will be less than excited. Stress, lack of intimacy or even age can cause a person’s libido to plummet.

6 Fabulous Tips to Boost Her Sex Drive
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When this occurs, all she will need is a quick pick-me-up. If you have some patience and you add in a few quick tips, you can have her ready and begging for wild banging.

We have compiled a list of the top 6 tips that will boost her sex drive and allow the both of you to make love with passion, lust, and excitement.

1. Stimulate Her Mind with Sexting, Dirty Talk & Phone Sex!!!

A) Sexting

man texting on iphone

Sometimes, sexting is a great way to get her juices flowing. You can text her dirty talk, a picture of your manhood (long-term girlfriends or wives only), or what you would like to do to her when she gets home from work.

With texts, you want to be playful while saying exactly what she likes and wants to hear. You can start your conversation by a simple text such as this: “What are you wearing right now?”

Pay attention: Do you want to be a pro at this? Then read this very useful article – The Ultimate Guide to Sexting!

B) Dirty Talk

man talking dirty to sexy woman

When you get close to her, begin with dirty talk. You don’t want to sound like you are in a 1970s porn, but you do want to be feisty.

So, what can you do? Try following these 3 tips I am giving to you for free:

  1. Tell her how her perfume is getting you excited.
  2. Bite her ear and whisper what you want to do to her.
  3. Tell her how sexy she looks, but that you prefer her without clothes.

Pay attention: I have written a very useful guide on how to talk dirty the right way and you can read it right here…

C) Phone Sex

woman having phone sex

Phone sex is kinky and fun. You can start simple by making moaning sounds, or you can tell her how good it feels when you go inside of her.

The goal is to make her picture every last detail of what you are saying so that she just can’t wait to get her hands on you.

2. Rise Her Testosterone Levels

Contrary to popular belief, testosterone levels play a major role in a woman’s sex drive. While girls have usually lower amounts of this hormone than men, the little bit that is produced will make a world of difference!

What can you do if she lacks this substance? Try following 4 tips:

  1. Healthy weight management – Maintain healthy weight. High or low body fat levels can lower amounts of testosterone she is able to produce!
  2. Healthy fats – A diet with less sugar and more nuts, avocados and many of the foods mentioned in our aphrodisiac dinner article (see end of tip #1 for link) should be eaten.
  3. Exercise – Our body naturally produces testosterone when we exercise. Join your woman and ensure that both of you look & feel good and can’t wait to jump on each other when the sexy time comes!
  4. Therapy by doctors – In serious circumstances, direct therapy may be needed. This is meant only when women exhibit very low amounts of testosterone that may affect their lives adversely!

Keep in mind: Regular doctor check-ups are also recommended to make sure no medical issues are causing her testosterone amounts to plummet. If you want more tips to increase her levels of this substance then go here and read the whole article…

3. Focus on Intense & Sensual Foreplay

couple having quickie

Most women need foreplay in order to achieve satisfying orgasm. This has been scientifically proven! While men are ready and willing at almost all times, a woman needs a little extra boost to start her juices flowing!

Here is a list of few tips you can try to use during next foreplay:

  • Talk dirty!
  • Kiss, touch and lick her breasts & nipples!
  • Be gentle, but playful!
  • Tease her while undressing!
  • Use your tongue for kissing her neck, arms & thighs!
  • Explore her body with both your hands for added stimulation!

Pay attention: You want to make foreplay last at least 10 minutes to ensure that she is in a relaxed and sexy mood. I highly recommend you to check out these and use them next time you are going to make love 

4. Relieve Her of Home Tasks & Daily Stress!!!

We all know the fact that stress is a serious mood killer. When she gets home from work, the last thing she wants to do is to cook dinner, clean the bathroom and pick up your dirty socks!

Unfortunately, when she is tired, you will go to bed wishing for sex that you could have had. Therefore, you will want to reduce her stress levels as much as possible. This can be done by:

  1. Helping her clean the house.
  2. Allowing her some time off from home tasks.
  3. Cooking a delicious dinner and doing the dishes.
  4. Sending her to get a massage while you take care of the house.
  5. Giving her a sensual massage.

Pay attention: Our next tip, giving her wine, will also help her relax and simply see you in a new light! If you let stress build up, you will find that you are having less intercourse than ever before.

5. Give Her a Glass of Red Wine

Red wine isn’t just good for your heart, it is good for your love life as well. A study was performed that indicated women have greater sexual desire when they drink this type of alcohol!

Regular drinking (not excessive) was shown to increase the desire levels of girls. It also helps to de-stress, raise her libido and increase her blood flow!

Pay attention: A nice pinot noir or cabernet is all that you may need to turn your love life around.

6. Be Patient

As a man, there is one thing that you must do to boost her sex drive: be patient. All too often, people assume that couples make love all the time. On the contrary, this is not the case.

In fact, married couples have intercourse just a little over 1 time per week. A total of 68.5 times in a year. If you had intercourse twice this week, you are luckier than most men in America!

If you want more fun in bedroom, try engaging in foreplay more often and really get her excited. The worst thing you can do is rush and make her feel inadequate!

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