Video: Mudra Isn’t My Boyfriend - Ava Peace

Rumors circulate about Mudra and singer Ava Peace dating. Despite closeness, the singer denies romantic involvement with "Balo Balo" hitmaker. She clarifies they're only connected musically, nothing more.

Video: Mudra Isn’t My Boyfriend - Ava Peace
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Rumor has been moving around that Mudra is bonking upcoming singer Ava Peace.

Despite being very close, the sexy singer denied any romantic links to "Balo Balo" hitmaker. She said they are only relating musically but nothing beyond that.

"I have never said I am in love with Mudra, It's not true. It's the media doing these stories. He isn’t my boyfriend," she told journalists in an interview.

This week, Ava Peace also claimed she can’t get married to a moslem since she isn’t willing to change her religion. Mudra is a moslem while Ava Peace is a catholic.

Mudra and Ava Peace worked on a song together named "Oshabanda".

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