Sheila Gashumba and Grenade Worryingly Close

In a video circulating on social media, Gashumba is seen enjoying life with Grenade.

Sheila Gashumba and Grenade Worryingly Close
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Sheila Gashumba is currently living a single life after announcing she separated from singer Rickman.

Reports have emerged indicating she is worryingly close to Grenade, who once claimed to have had an intimate relationship with her.

In a video circulating on social media, Gashumba is seen enjoying life with Grenade.

It is alleged the pair spent the weekend together at one of the night spots in Kampala and left with apparent intentions of intimacy.

Gashumba has recently been linked to dancehall musician Fik Fameica, but it looks like the "Ghetto Champion" was outsmarted by the "Nkuloga" hitmaker, who is famously known for his romantic escapades.

The news linking Sheila Gashumba to Grenade comes just months after Grenade claimed Sheila used to sponsor his luxurious lifestyle and take him on dates.

"But I think she had also picked interest in me because the whole thing kick-started immediately after. After the meeting, she invited me for a date because I didn't have money ... I was a cute boy! I was a hot boy. I was a clean boy. Taking good care of myself. She kept sponsoring my life for the time we were together," Grenade said in an interview with Galaxy TV in February this year.

It should be noted that Grenade and Rickman once exchanged blows over Sheila Gashumba, though the media personality denied having been in a relationship with the "Nkuloga" hitmaker.

Allegations revealed that Rickman attacked Grenade at La Terrazza, Kisementi, after The Kampala Brunch party.

"Rickman and his boys almost killed me last night but I thank God that I’m still alive. They broke my leg and my arm, but bro, you were going to kill me for no reason because man, I have no interest in your girl. You just want me dead because of her. Man, I dated Sheila 5 years ago. We had what we had, and that was it. So now, boy, I don’t know why you’re chasing me, trying to kill me for your girl. Bro, your girl, she’s no longer my type," read a statement released by Grenade in September last year.

Other reports suggest Grenade could be the main reason Sheila Gashumba separated from Rickman. The bonk champion continued to engage in romantic talks with Sheila Gashumba.

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