Download Airtime Loader Uganda App - No More Typing Airtime PIN

Download this 3.2MBs to save you from typing Airtime Voucher code every time you recharging airtime in Uganda

Download Airtime Loader Uganda App - No More Typing Airtime PIN
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Download it here

Simple About the App

  • Airtime Loader is simple and light 3.2MBs to be exact.
  • It saves you the struggle to manually type the voucher code when recharging your airtime balance.
  • It's built to support all mobile network operators in Ugandan except K2 Telecom. K2 will probably be added in the next update.
  • You can choose to share your voucher code with friends over WhatsApp or your preferred social network. Why Not? Sharing is caring!

It has Great Review that will entice you to Install it

Airtime Loader - Uganda Review from the People who have test this hot cake App

How to use airtime loader

Open the app after downloading here
1- Select the network you're trying to recharge
2- Focus the camera view onto the scratched airtime
   App will automatically scan the voucher pin for you
3- Tap on the tick button to load


Homepage made to simple for saving your time... Here you can select the network you're trying to Recharge airtime for.

Select network your trying to load airtime for, like airtel etc

2. After just point the camera view to the scratcheded airtime. The App will automatically read the airtime and just tap that tick below and you are done.... Ahh Simple 

Camera airtime scan view and loading view

Download it here

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