J Babic sokiddo

J Babic sokiddo

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Added: Oct 05, 2022

J Babic sokiddo is a ugandan musician,up coming artist and a performer from East Africa under his own record lable "SOKIDDO".

He was born in kampla on 31st-march-1995, He started his carrer in 2014 when he released his fast song named "OMUTIMA".

Ocupetion (s) singer,producer,song writer & a composer

Genres: Afrobeat, ugandan vocolist, Afro pop and R & B

He we to Mbogo Parents for his primary and due of his talent he was given a basary on Hands of Grace secandary school, he studied there for only senior one and countuned to Mpoma Royal college where he finished his secandary and the he we to finish his studies at YMCA comprehensive institute and graduates a cirtificate in electrical installation.

He is a Dad of two kids (boys) afamily man who love his family so much  and in his free time he spends all of his time with his Kids.