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Juju is one of the finest and most talented artistic male artists and former DJ that Uganda has. He is Rwandese and Ugandan by belonging and thanks to his love for what he does in music, he is one of the few artists that have had biggest airplays on Radio stations in East Africa especially in Rwanda.

He is the most popular new age artiste in Rwanda thanks to his Tora Kagame composition, a song that inspires Rwandese and asks them to forget about genocide and focus on development of Rwanda and Africa.

He is also been part of a number of success hit songs done by his young sister Diva Grace Nakimera of Kawonawo fame. Thanks to his touching and classic music, Juju has traveled to many places around Africa, in Europe and America.

He did it this time round on the HiPipo.com Jingle. Juju has hitting songs like Zandibuseko, Kologa featuring Buchaman, and his latest Ninga Akumanyi.

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