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Added: Sep 24, 2016

LATINUM Is a Ugandan Dancehall,Ragga, Reggae,AfroBeat, Soco and RnB Artist.

Who was Born;10/10/1997 and his Birth Name is; MBANGIRA TONNY currently living in (Kampala)Uganda.

2010; He started his music carrier in church as are back up singer and also a dancer later in 2015; He changed place of Education from Bunamwaya (Wakiso district) to Mbarara City (Mbarara district) and became a Professional musician in 2016.

Where he released his first song titled ‘’OVA KAMPALA ’’ later he released ZIMENYA, SOME MI WANT, LIGHTS OFF, NDUULU and more. In 2017; He made his breakthrough song titled ‘’AMANYA AGANGE’’ and added on Mega Hits and Hits  like;BAABO, TONARDO, MANAWAY, SHE WINE by (Latinum ft all stars), NZE NKUBA ft(all stars), and many more-.

2018; He released a banger titled; KAGWILAWO and in November (2018) he released a teen banger titled; GAL YO later dropped a single titled; BALAGE in early January (2019) which was so lite hence corroborated with Vinka in a song called ‘’SETTLE’’. 

IMANA YANGYE, was released in December (2019) and was hit song which was followed with singles like; TULIKUKI, KYOBA OMANYA,

KYAANA KYA MBARARA, BEDROOM REMIX and for more music  check out his YouTube channel @Latinum, @latinumlati on instagram, @Latinum legacy on Facebook.