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The project fame semi finalist Naava is finally out with her fist single entitled, "Aliba Waani"
Naava has been busy writing and recording material for her yet untitled 2011 album. She has written about 12 tracks for her album and has a host of producers incuding Michael Fingaz, Legend P, Charlie King and new comer Davi. Most of the album is being crafted at Fenon Records.
Naava has already shot a video for "Aliba Waani" and is in heavy rotation on TV. The futuristic video was directed by the Fenon Film & Video team.

Photography by The Face Studio.
Styling and make up by Sylvia Kawalya

Gray Naava is a Ugandan artist signed to Fenon Records and one of the few Ugandans to have participated in the Tusker Project Fame competitions.
I had a one on one with the artist and the following is what transpired in our interview.

With R&B steadily becoming one of the sought after genres in the Ugandan music industry, one artist to watch out for is Grey Naava. After her first single “Aliba wani” received wide acclaim across the region, Naava’s management Fenon Records have decided to release the second song “Nteredde” off her upcoming album. The track is a love song that looks at long distance relationships and was produced by Michael Fingers, the same guy behind “Aliba wani” and several other hits from Fenon. Besides tackling love issues, “Nteredde” can as well play in clubs because it has a danceable touch that will get everyone on the dance floor.

First she was on Project Fame competing. Then she was not winning. Then she vanished. Then some chick calling herself Naava Grey appeared out of the blue with dope songs. Eh! It was the same Aisha Naava from TV! Carol Kasujja went and found the babe and they talked and talked. Here’s the interview . . .

Q: Why do you call yourself Grey?
A: I like color grey because I am neutral about life. People who like grey are very hard working. We are calm and do not want to attract attention. One common character about grey people is that, we look for a richer, happier and fuller lifestyle.
Q: I heard you dropped out of school in 2008 when you went for Tusker Project fame. Do you intend to go back to finish your studies?
A: Eh! You guys have all kind of gossip. Okay, it is not dropping out like you have called it, I interrupted my studies but I will resume next year. I am sure I did not make a bad decision to quit for some time. Anyone who loves music would quit if given an opportunity to go for TPF.
Q: Based on what you know about yourself, make five predictions about your future?
A: Married, successful, very fat, not in Uganda and having 10 children. Can I make more predictions?

Q: What helps you keep your beauty?
A: Music. When I sing, I become happy. I do not need to invest in make-up to look good. Personally, I do not have any beauty tip I follow. Everything about me is natural. You cannot find me reading beauty magazines. For what?
Q: What do you like in a man?
A: I am interested in a man who is understanding, a good listener, respectful and God-fearing. With God-fearing I do not mean that he goes to church every Sunday, I want someone who loves God from his heart. I hate posers.
Q: Minus helping the needy, what would you do if you had a million dollars?
A: I will use that money to sensitize people about malaria and morals. In my village, people drink un-boiled water and many live near bushes. I would educate them about the dangers of having bushes near homes. Secondly, these days people have no morals. You sit in a taxi and a person throws a kavera outside. They need to know something called “not littering”.
Q: Do you have stalkers, and what do you normally tell them?
A: I have them but I treat them like friends. If I am not comfortable with the friendship, I unfriend you.
Q: Do you have a boyfriend?
A: Boyfriend! Yeah, I do.
Q: As a musician, which advise would you give to the youth to fight Aids?
A: Young people should try to make wise decisions. Let them wait for the right time to get married and have safe sex. Youth should avoid bad peer groups.