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O.P.U is a Hip Hop Artist hailing from Uganda in East Africa. His early influences were Backstreet boys, NSYNC, Boy Zone, 5ive before being introduced to hip hop
music. It all started when his elder sister gave him a tape of Mase's "DOUBLE UP" album, after that there was no looking back as O.P.U started his own Hip Hop music collection of rappers like Bow wow, Snoop, Eminem, 2pac, Notorious BIG, Mase, Puff Daddy.

Professionally the first time O.P.U ever stepped into a recording studio was 2009 at Muddy Boot Studios. His first song was called "put yo hands up" produced by beat maker Mupe.The song did not do well and was actually rejected by a leading radio station as "an in-complete song”. As a result O.P.U went back to
the drawing board, he recorded several tracks but released non till late 2010 when SMILE OF A CHILD with ENYGMA and NAVVA GREY got on radio.

O.P.U has released a number of singles like Warrior, Warrior (Remix Featuring Enygma & Sulfuric), Can’t Cope (Featuring Crisismuzik) Inside My Heart.

His first mixtape was called My Genesis Mixtape, which he released during his third year at campus. On 20th may 2014 O.P.U at short notice released an exclusive E.P called “Un-Heard Music” at Club Gabiro for 100 0f his exclusive fans.

O.P.U has in several interviews attributed the delay in his releases to his desire to deliver a full project. He is due to release his long awaited Mixtape “Blind Faith”, but also during a radio interview at HOT 100 in January 2015 mentioned his upcoming first full studio album called “Half Street Half Corporate” he alluded to it being a 2015 release. On 15th Saturday November 2014, during an interview at Radio City with Mr.Deeday on Saturday Night

Mix Show, he sampled a track called “GET THAT MONEY” Featuring TBRO & Lethal due to come off his first studio album. This single premiered exclusively on Hot 100 in February 2015. Get That Money On Sunday 23rd Nov 2015 O.P.U released an exclusive DVD called “MY JOURNEY” a compilation of behind the scenes documentaries of the O.P.U brand and team. It was released in partnership with Juice Avenue at Acacia Mall and DoOrDie films.

O.P.U has worked with several hip hop stars in Uganda like ENYGMA,KEKO,JT,NAAVA GREY,BLACK REIGN,HARDCORE PRINCE, LETHAL, TBRO, SULFURIC, LYRIKAL PROOF, TRIGGA, J.C Muyonjo among others.

He is currently managed and promoted by O*NATION in partnership with R.O.W Records. You can follow O.P.U on his social media pages;

  • Facebook: O.P.U
  • Twitter: @opumusic
  • YouTube: O.P.U TV
  • Mail: [email protected]
  • WhatsApp: +256 775527870
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