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Pastor Wilson Bugembe

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Born from a southern district of Uganda Masaka, Pastor Wilson Bugembe grew up amidst the worst circumstances which man can not easily endure. During his early years, the young Bugembe witnessed unfortunate trials and temptations. These included the loss of his two parents, death of his siblings and suffering for over four years as a street child. After the death of his parents and siblings, Wilson Bugembe faced life all alone. He was mistreated and poorly treated by those that had earlier on promised to help him. With no shoes, one yellow shirt and a pair of shorts,Bugembe left home and decided to face the world alone.

At this time, he had no food, no home and his tears became his face cleaners. As you all know, God never forsakes his people. One day Wilson Bugembe’s life changed and indeed changed completely. After leaving the streets, Bugembe joined a Born again group which facilitated his rehabilitation process.

During all this time, no one knew that the sickly and tiny Bugembe would at one time achieve what he has today. But with God, nothing is impossible. Pastor Bugembe’s life is a clear testimony. As of today, Pastor Wilson Bugembe is one of the best if not the best gospel artist in East Africa. His life journey is along one that can not be easily completed in just a day’s edition. From grass to grace, the singing Pastor is indeed Uganda’s gospel story teller.

His break through song was Njagala Kumanya.This sold out utmost as it received non stop airplays on both Radio and Television stations. At this stage however, the gospel music fans were not yet so familiar with the person behind this life inspiring hit. From Njagala Kumanya, Pastor Bugembe proved that he had come to stay when he released yet another society relating song titled Komawo Eka.This too sold out highly and was followed by other inspirational and society awakening hits such as Bwalikujukira, Kani and his latest release Ani. Apart from these popular tunes, Pastor Bugembe has other great projects such as Samson,Yabaswaza,Jangu Ombere,Mukama Gwamanyi E’byange and Wandibadde Waffa.All these songs are more less the same as far as lyrical strength is concerned .However Komawo Eka,Njagala Kumanya,Kani and Ani top the Pastor’s list if we are to rank all his projects.

When you try to analyze Pastor Bugembe’s projects, your conclusions will be far from the genuine reality. The fact is that Pastor Bugembe is just unpredictable. Unlike the majority of gospel artists who only sing worship and inspirational songs, the Pastor adds a lot of spices in his projects. His songs inform, inspire, counsel, educate, entertain and also manifest God’s distribution of talent. If am to make a comparison on Pastor Bugembe, I would conclude that the singing Pastor is equivalent to a Mass medium. This is because the Pastor’s music covers all the traditional functions of any media institution.

Even on a bad day, a melody such as Kani, Komawo Eka or Ani will convince you to wear a very long smile.