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Added: May 28, 2018

Kasirye Wareed a.k.a Warid Mc is a Ugandan rapper born and raised in the ghettos of Ndeeba kidoomoole zone,a Kampala suburb. His musical journey began way back in his childhood stage and his inspiration was derived from the great American rapper of all time Christopher Wallace a.k.a Notorious BIG also known as Biggy smalls. Warid mc has worked on a couple of hip hop singles and his first ever single out was titled MAAMA produced by slo mo in kado fam studios. his second single, MUKWANO GWO followed by GHETTO STORY Y’OMUTO produced by Kartex in Lester studios, EMILANGA produced by melta in sound Art studios, WALAGAWA produced by Joey STORY Z’ENSI BYANTIISA to mention but a few all on his Debut Album BYANTIISA.