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Yung Bizzo RapScholar

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Added: Oct 29, 2014

Real Names: Benard Adrigwe

Brand Name: Yung Bizzo RapScholar

Record Label: Rasasi Music Empire

Management: Vampire Entertainment

Rapper/Singer and Song Writer Yung Bizzo is a beloved urban icon whose powerful voice, songwriting and personality have won the hearts of Rap and Ragga Dancehall music fans for years. He has also appeared in an array of screen & airwave projects.

Born on July 7, 1993 in Moyo District, Uganda, Yung Bizzo was one of 3 children. After high school, He moved to Panga Music to pursue music and initially found success before embarking on a solo career marked by hit songs like "Black City," "Dear Cathy," "Maditiisi," "Bibia Drile "Bendesia," "Mobimba" and "Opi Korani," among many others. A highly skilled singer/Rapper & songwriter known for thoughtful narratives, distinctive vocals & Raps, he has won many major awards and was inducted into the Music Hall of Fame in 2013. He has also starred in collaborations with music icons like Michael Ross, Shidy Stylo, and his label mate Xbit-Maggie among others, which paved him ways up . To date, Bizzo has recorded nearly 5 albums and many more singles and continues to tour regularly.

The highly anticipated Rapper/Singer Rapper/Singer has up-to-date been signed under Record Label "Rasasi Music Empire" and Management Label "Vampire Entertainment".

Email: [email protected]