Where You Are - Blue 3 ft. Radio & Weasel

Where You Are

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Where You Are Lyrics

[Verse 1 (Jackie)]In my eyes, you sparkle like a starWhen I dream of you, it’s you I long to pleaseWhen you walk on by, I catch your scent and it’s all that I haveMimi na we, tuwepamoja wild and freeNakutamani mpenzi wangu unayenda wapi?Kutoka Monday to Monday, baby I’m thinkin’ of you[Chorus]I wanna be right there where you are (where you are)I wanna be right in your arms (in your arms)Kiss on my lips every morning is all I want (all I want)Where you are, where you are… (baby where you are)[Verse 2 (Radio)]Hey yeah… runi, unanitesa kishenziNatamani kuwa right there where you areBaby umenishika kitenge ladyNakuwaza, nakuwaza love, girl I’m looking for youNakutamani (nakutamani) unayenda wapi, nipe fasi drive me crazy‘Cause I wanna be right there where you are (where you are)I wanna be, I wanna be right in your arms (in your arms)Kisses on my lips is all that I want (all I want)I wanna be, I wanna be where you are (where you are)Yeah, I wanna be right there[Bridge](Radio)I got this feeling inside, find a place we can goI’ll be lost in your arms, touch me where you decide(Lillian)Umm baby as long as you’re near, I’m not afraidYour love is all I desire, show me paradise[Verse 3 (Weasel)]Me say, me know she want me, yeah she want meShe wanna wan’ me, kiss and caress meLong time she want me, wanna be my honeySpend all di money, make love in di morningShe a right type of girl, she a princessShe wanna be my only one and me empressShaka she want, she want in excessExcess like a princess she restless(Chorus by Lillian)(Radio)I wanna be where you are where you areI wanna be in your arms (in your arms)Tamani tamani oh, oh woah yeahI wanna be right there, where you are (you are)Where you are, where you are, where you are (yeah yeah)(Verse 3)