I'm a french guy

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I'm a french guy Lyrics

I am a French guy living now,

But I don't live in France,

I used to live in France,

Sometime back back,

But now I was deported,

And now I live in Africa,

It's Africa, It's Africa.

I am a french guy.

I am a French guy.

I'm a French guy.

I am a french guy speaking now,

I used to speak alot of french,

But now I can't do that,

Because I went to Äfr,

Good morning say Bonjoir,

Good afternoon say Bonjoir.

Good evening say Bonjoir,

Je parle Français,

Je parle Français.

Iam a french guy,

I am a French guy eating now,

I used to eat French food,

But now I eat Äfr,

I eat bananas,I eat rice,I eat beans,

I eat millet, They are all good,

They are all bad,

I am a French guy, I am a French guy.

I am a French guy elated,

Let me tell you what I know,

I love Africa,

It's very green,

It's very blue,

I love everything,

But I hate the culture, the culture,

I'm a french guy,I m a french guy.