South Africa Based Ugandan Singer Blesses Africa With A Tribute To Nelson Mandela

South African based Ugandan afro-beat artist, Mafia 1 Pays tribute to The Late Nelson Mandella

South Africa Based Ugandan Singer Blesses Africa With A Tribute To Nelson Mandela
Story by Businge Brian Franco \

It may be a fool’s errand, trying to pick the top diaspora developing artists of 2015 before the year even gets half way. But we can’t help but notice a consensus forming around the promising fates of this new artist "Tornado Mafia1" with a tribute song "Mandela Freedom" to the late Nelson Mandela. Mafia 1 really makes music sound gentle and original with pure afro beats that will definitely keep you listening.

When this South African based Ugandan musician, Hassan Katende alias Tornado Mafia 1, released Tebaagaliza, people demanded more music and he did not disappoint.

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Mafia 1 told us he has more great music coming in for his fans. We asked him why he felt the need to do a tribute to Nelson Mandela and he responded with a question, "Why Not?" -- All we can say is at least as far as the new song Mandela Freedom is concerned, Mafia1 has really mastered the art of Afro beat favoring an acoustic guitar to go along with his deep voice, and a fusion of Lingala folk-pop.

The song is being appreciated by South African citizens because it carries a message as big as their hero.

Listen and download the song.

Play MANDELA FREEDOM -- Mafia 1 (on Howwe Music)

MANDELA FREEDOM -- Uganda Music (Download Songs the easiest way)

The Song is available for free download on Howwe Music - Mafia 1 's Wall

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