Nina Roz: Drugs Almost Ruined My Life

Singer confessed recently in local interview!

Nina Roz: Drugs Almost Ruined My Life
Story by Gee Mukama \

When it comes to the prevalence of addiction among the Ugandan musicians, it might be a matter of accessibility.

It’s arguable that artistes have greater access to some kinds of addictive substances, and there is an undeniable connection between accessibility and addiction. Some of them  can deal with addiction privately but musicians  in the public eye cannot afford that luxury according to musician Nina Roz, who has been struggling with drug addiction for a long time.

She confessed that drugs almost ruined her career and caused other life threatning  damages.

But after facing death several times, she took  steps to overcome her addictions.

“I am keen on building a new life for myself, a drug free life. I thank God that I got another chance to be alive again and speak against it," she revealed.

Nina Roz was starting to fade off the music scene but  she is back on track.