I am not scared of Hozambe trend song - Lil Pazo

During an interview with Sanyuka TV, Lil Pazo was asked about his thoughts on the fast rise of Hozambe.

I am not scared of Hozambe trend song - Lil Pazo
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Lil Pazo's been on fire lately with his song "Enkudi"! It's everywhere, but people seem to have mixed feelings. No matter what, Lil Pazo's taking it in stride. He says he used to make more serious music, but nobody listened. Now everyone loves "Enkudi," even if some folks aren't crazy about it.

Lil Pazo's been doing interviews left and right, talking about how his song blew up. He says it's doing great, even with the critics. But guess what? There's a new hotness in town: "Hozambe"! Ugandans are all over this new track, and "Enkudi" seems to be fading fast.

A recent interview with Sanyuka TV gives us the scoop. They asked him if he's worried about "Hozambe" stealing his shine. Apparently, Lil Pazo's been around the block! He's not scared at all.

Lil Pazo says he's been in the music game for seven years now. He's not chasing fame anymore, he's chasing that sweet, sweet cash. "New artists come along all the time," he says. "We can't force people to love 'Enkudi' forever. They gotta like other stuff too. Besides, that song's still paying my bills! Just bought a car, and that's just the start."

Lil Pazo even had some advice for the "Hozambe" hitmaker. He says they met up and Lil Pazo schooled him on the music biz. "Interviews are free, that's how you connect with your fans," Lil Pazo says. "But if someone wants you to perform, charge them! They're making money off their events, you gotta get yours too. Don't make the same mistakes I did with 'Emotoka.'"

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