Guys Only: 5 Signs She’s The One To Enjoy Your Wallet

You just need to watch out for the following signs…

Guys Only: 5 Signs She’s The One To Enjoy Your Wallet
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One of the most difficult questions men face during their dating period is how to identify and spot the right woman. The one who would be everything they want, so they don’t fall wrongly, and end up with regret.

There’s really no textbook rule to spotting or finding which woman is right, but there are signs that may suggest so. Due to the very deceptive nature of humans, it’s easy to fall for someone’s gimmick, but that may be avoidable if you’re careful enough.

You just need to watch out for the following signs…


You’ve probably got a lot of women who you think do this one thing for you, so I’m sure you’re thinking this can’t be a way out of your confusion. But the truth is there are those who pretend to listen or at least, do it at their convenience, and there are those who do so when you do not even need them to.

A woman who can find time from her very tight schedule to be with you and hear you talk about your fears and insecurities is by a mile ahead of every other.


We all have a problem, so it’s literally difficult to be happy always, but it’s possible to find the good in every situation, and be happy. Happiness is infectious. Just by being around a happy person, you too can be happy.

A happy woman is one who is eager to share some of it, and help lift someone from gloom. It also means that she’s comfortable and content with her life no matter how wrong it seems.


There’s a difference between being proud of oneself, and being arrogant. When you’re proud of yourself, you’re confident in your abilities and capabilities. It means you have very little insecurities, and that is an important ingredient for a successful relationship. You don’t want a woman who is always looking to bring others down because to her, it would up her worth. You don’t want a woman who will feel intimidated by every other woman that you’re around.


Sometimes you know that you are really comfortable with silence when you can be comfortably quiet with someone. Find a girl that can stand being peacefully quiet with you just for the sake of chilling. A girl can detect the moment when you want to be quiet. And once she starts blabbering about something unimportant, that means she is not quite comfortable with you. This is a great and simple experiment to figure out if she is the perfect girlfriend.


As annoying as they are, we all have them. You can’t run away from a flawed human because you’ll just end up with another one. You just try to find someone who you can manage their issues. So when you find a woman who is ready and willing to be with you despite your faults and flaws, she might be the one.

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