Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend If Don’t Want Trouble

These are 10 tips you should have at your fingertips if you don’t want a ‘volcanic eruption’ in your relationship.

Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend If Don’t Want Trouble
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The feminine gender is a very emotional bunch and they are sensitive to every word that a guy says, so you have to be extremely careful when dealing with them. What you say and how you say it would have a long way in determining how good or bad your relationship turns out. Sometimes, you may say something and they take it the other way round; it’s more like they speak a different language and really they do speak a different language.

These are 10 tips you should have at your fingertips if you don’t want a ‘volcanic eruption’ in your relationship.

1. I don’t know

You don’t know is never a good reply to a woman’s question; they want you to know everything really. If she comes up with questions like ‘’what do you think I should wear for our date?’’, you ought to give suggestions, it doesn’t matter whether or not you have an idea, it’s way better than ‘I don’t know’. ‘’When should we go swimming?’’, don’t even bother coming up with ‘I don’t know’, big mistake. Women love your opinion on everything; funny part is they have already decided on the action to take but they still want to know your opinion and if you don’t have an opinion, then it’s a problem.

2. I don’t care

Why shouldn’t you care? That is more like I’m ready for World War3. No matter how angry you get, never use the word ‘I don’t care’, except you want to put a halt to the relationship. You would be amazed to know that women don’t forget things; their brain works better than a computer system as far as it’s a spoken word said in reference to them. So you ought to be careful what you say because they would never forget it.

3. My ex…

What were you thinking? Your ex is an example of what you shouldn’t talk about. She tries not to act jealous, but she 100% is. When you talk about your ex, it definitely passes a message to her, ‘guess he still thinks of her’ and that brings a massive degree of insecurity. Even if she brings up a topic of your ex, carefully wave it off or you might not like the aftermath of that discussion.

4. Never talk about sports

Most ladies hate sports, it’s a bore or a total waste of time to them; even if you are a fanatic, don’t discuss sports with them, you’re totally wasting your time (except she’s a sports fan). The funny part is she’d bring up a question about your team and still wouldn’t want you to discuss sports. ‘’Honey, how did the game go?’’, she asked that but the moment you start telling her, she isn’t interested; just tell her the scores and move on. A lot of women hate sports, they feel sports take a certain percentage of your time and they can’t compete with it, so they hate it.

5. Your friend is cool

You may have a very clear conscience when you said this, but you are most definitely passing a wrong message; ‘oh, you want to hit on her too’ might be the message she is playing in her mind. If you think her friend is cool, please keep it to yourself, save your relationship; even if she asks you what you think of her friend, reluctantly say ‘she’s OK I guess’ in the most casual way ever. She may frown at your reply but you are most definitely safe on the long run.

6. You look beautiful today

At first, she smiles and acts all happy because of your compliment and then the ‘today’ hits her like a whirlwind; she would ponder on that word for hours and still keep a calm face like she is alright. You have passed a wrong message here without knowing, you have made her feel she doesn’t always look cool. Whether she talks about it or not, you’re definitely in trouble; have you asked yourself why sometimes she just picks a quarrel even when nothing happened? Something definitely happened but you didn’t notice. Most times with ladies, it is not about what you think but what they think, so you should be careful about every word that comes out of your mouth.

7. What is your problem?

If you guys are having a little quarrel, try to avoid that phrase as much as possible; it can bring a roof down. You are definitely passing a very wrong message here. Whether you like it or not, every word you say is assimilated by a woman. Have you ever wondered why when they remind you of something you once said, but you don’t even have a clue whether you’ve ever made that statement to her; trust me you said it, they don’t forget.

8. Most ladies do it this way

There is only one reply to this statement, ‘I’m not most ladies’. Never compare her to others, no matter how right you are; the best way is to personalize your thought towards the both of you. When there is a third party then there is an extra problem.

9. Are you seeing someone else?

That’s a pretty dumb question to ask a lady, even if she’s seeing someone else, what reply were you expecting? If you are sure she’s been with someone else, tell her directly and if you aren’t sure keep it to yourself. Whether or not she’s seeing someone else, her reaction to this question would be the same.

10 Maybe we should take a break

Whether or not your lady loves you, she would feel bad about it. There are two scenarios here. 1) A lady that loves you would get hurt that you want to leave. 2) A lady that’s even tired of the relationship would still feel bad that you’re breaking up with her first even though that’s what she wanted. Though this point is for the former and not the latter; maybe we should take a break is a very wrong message and if you’re not ready for a breakup, avoid it. No words would hurt a lady who loves you more than this.

Remember, women are a very emotional bunch, so you should be extra careful about everything you say to them if you want a lasting relationship. There is what I call the JAS test; if you put all the words you tell her through the JAS test then your relationship would be sweeter than fine wine.

JAS represents Jealousy, anger and sadness; these are three common emotions women exhibit in a relationship. J represents Jealousy, A represents Anger and S represents Sadness; before you say anything to her, ask yourself if it would make her jealous, angry or sad; if every statement and question you ask her pass through the JAS test, then you wouldn’t make frequent mistakes other guys make. You should enjoy your relationship and relationships are to be enjoyed not endured.

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