10 Simple Tricks to Get a Lady to Like You

Follow the article to know some guidelines on how to make a girl want you back.

10 Simple Tricks to Get a Lady to Like You
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‘Love’ This magical four letter word is all around but still many guys find very difficult to get it. Girls are one of the most complicated creatures to understand for men. If you like a girl and were in a relationship with her or dating her but now due to some reasons, you both are not together or you made her angry. If you desire to make her want you back in your life then this article will help you. Follow the article to know some guidelines on how to make a girl want you back.

1. Stay Confident to Make a Girl want You Back

You should not lose your hope when it comes to making a girl like you back again. As without confidence, you will lose hope and it would be hard for you to get her back again. Being confident will help you to date a girl. Women don’t like those guys who have issues with insecurity. Your appearance and cleanliness are very important to make a girl like you back.

Girls don’t like those guys who always keep calm and don’t talk much. Most of the boys shiver when they meet a girl first time, which is wrong. Even if you are uncomfortable to meet her first time then don’t show it outside. Instead, be cool and confident and meet like that you know her for a very long time. This confidence will surely attract her toward you.

  • Having a good personal hygiene will make you feel confident. Always be sure to look and smell nice.
  • Stay fit and do work out daily.
  • Don’t be frustrated or sad all the time in front of her.

2. Stay Charming to Make a Girl want You Back

After getting into a relationship men tend to not care about their looks and women too stop bothering about your their looks. When you want to get a girl back then you should again start taking care of your looks.

  • You should be a gentleman. That means paying for a date, opening doors, keeping your word, offer her chair etc. Girls like a gentleman care about them.
  • Make her laugh. Girls love guys who can turn anything into a joke and can make fun of yourself.
  • You should be intelligent. That means you should know about traveling, books of different authors, current affairs, cuisines etc. Girls like smart guys.

3. Compliment Her to Make Her Comes Back into You Life

Almost all women like if someone compliments her. Give her some compliments. Don’t overdo it because it seems that you are too needy or obsessive. A well-placed compliment can make any girl remember you for days.

  • When you compliment, be sincere. Figure out what you like in her most and then tell her. It is true then it will automatically seem as sincere.
  • Compliment her according to how she sees herself. If she views herself as thinker then praise her smarts. If she views herself as an athlete, then praise her athletic skills.
  • Consider her personality, not her appearance. If you want to compliment about her appearance then stay away from feminine areas and stick to complimenting hair, smile, lips, eyes and clothes.

4. Be the Protagonist to Make a Girl want You Back

Whenever she is in trouble or worried about something, then try to help her and make her feel better. When she cries in front of you that means she expects your shoulder. It is very difficult to see a girl with tears. So make her stop crying by supporting.

  • If she is in trouble then ask her to help but don’t insist her. Be patient and supportive with anything she goes through.
  • If she likes you already then do something to impress her like cook for her.

5. Stay Calm to Make a Girl want You Back

Getting into stress will fetch you nothing expect health problems. When you want to get a girl back then you need to stay calm and think everything with a calm mind. Reaching any conclusion with a calm mind will fetch you the better result. Do not take any decision in a hurry or it may even make it worst and you may never get her back in your life.

6. Deal with Problems to Make a Girl want You Back

Once you have found out what went wrong in your relationship then you can easily figure out the solution for it. Try to find out the solution of each problem. There must be something which made your relationship to break apart. You need to fix all those problems to go back with her. Otherwise, there will be no use because it will again make your relationship weak and you both will not able to live happily. If you both broke up because you have ego problems then get rid of it first then think of getting back to her. Once she will find out that you have overcome those problems then she might come back to you on her own.

7. Approach Her Again

When you have waited for enough time and getting a feeling that now is the right time to approach her then go for it. Approach her anyhow. You can pass her way and can have a small conversation on your way. During those minutes make her realize that no longer you are the same person she used to date. When she will realize that you are a changed person and a better person now then she probably might think of giving you a second chance. As both of you love each other and it is also hard for her to stay away from you. When you approach her do not make it a big scene. Rather, keep it cool and simple.

8. Work Hard to Get Her Back

Your efforts won’t go in vain if you will really work hard to get her. She will realize that you are trying hard to make it up for her and she will consider coming back into your life again. Since she loved you and objected only a few things about you and now you have changed those things then she would love to get you back. Hang out more with her to make her realize that she still loves you. You can not show much interest in trying in front of her to make her think that she might lose you. This will make her want you again as soon as possible.

9. Test Her Feelings

Well, you got apart and there are chances that she might have moved on from you. When you want to be sure about making a girl want you back first be sure if she still has feelings for you. Ask her out and when you will on date observe her if she still thinks of your the same way. Has she dressed up for you? If yes then it is a good sign that she is into you. Keep the venue romantic to make her miss all those moments she spent with you.

This might even open her up about her feelings. She might say that she missed you a lot and she wants to be back together. If she does not speak anything on her own then do not say anything. Just look into her eyes to make her feel how much you still love her. If you feel that she wants to get back then you can keep your hand over her and look how she reacts. If she let it stay like that then you are okay to go ahead. Slowly tell her how do you still feel abut her and want to get back together. Stay genuine while telling her about your feelings.

10. Do Not Repeat the Same Mistake Again

Once she forgave you but that will not happen again. When you want to not lose that girl again then it is better to never repeat the same mistake twice. Do not worry about your relationship just be yourself and give your true love to her. Just remember to not repeat those things which hurt her. If you both truly love each other then nothing can get you apart.

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