Diamond Platnumz Cries On Stage, Begs Zuchu For Love

That Diamond is going to these lengths to celebrate Zuchu comes as a surprise to many keen watchers who know his philandering reputation.

Diamond Platnumz Cries On Stage, Begs Zuchu For Love
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Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz surprised fans at the Wasafi Festival in Sumbawanga when he broke down in tears on stage, an unusual display of emotion from the typically stoic artist.

The reason behind this unexpected behavior was his rumored romantic involvement with Zuchu, which has spanned nearly two years.

During his performance of the 2015 hit "Utanipenda," Diamond went all out to express his feelings for Zuchu, even kneeling on stage while singing the chorus and incorporating Zuchu's name. He questioned whether she would continue to love him if their relationship took a different turn, a poignant departure from the original lyrics that featured his first baby mama, Zari.

"Bado nawaza sana, je itakapofika tama Zuchu utanipenda?... na magazeti yatanibwaga utasikia tafarani eti mpaka kwa Zuchu nimemwagwa na venye nilivyo mnyonge."

(I'm still thinking a lot, when the time comes, will Zuchu love me?... and the newspapers will talk about me, you'll hear that until Zuchu I've been talked about by those who are miserable) Diamond finished emotionally as the crowd cheered him on.

Diamond's emotional declaration left the crowd cheering, surprising many who knew him for his player reputation. His actions suggested a deep connection with Zuchu.

Despite Diamond's ambiguous stance on their relationship, Zuchu has been vocal about her love for him and seems to be encouraging him to publicly acknowledge their bond.

This public confession raises questions about whether Diamond Platnumz might eventually propose to Zuchu, as none of his previous relationships led to marriage.

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