Mowzey Radio Trolled For Having 'Skinny Toothpick Legs'

Social Media is attacking Mowzey Radio for being too skinny and wearing shorts

Mowzey Radio Trolled For Having 'Skinny Toothpick Legs'
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This is probably not the first time Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo popularly known by his alias Mowzey Radio is being trolled on social media for having skinny legs and wearing shorts ... because, trust me, he has skinny legs and likes wearing shorts.

New Team: Aganaga, Weasel and Radio standing poolside shooting the music video for their song 'Gudi Gude'

The music star took to social media and shared a behind the scenes photo of him, Aganaga and his singing partner Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel standing poolside while shooting scenes for the music video of their recently released hit single 'Gudi Gude'.

One of the comments that appeared below the photo on Facebook read;

Moze Radio tooth picks
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