Spice Girls Set For A Major Reunion

Mel C Says Spice Girls Reunion Has Trigged 'A Lot Of Anxiety'

Spice Girls Set For A Major Reunion
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Mel C says the Spice Girls reunion has triggered a lot of anxiety, so much so she is planning to visit her therapist more regularly after experiencing a very difficult time the last time she was with the band.

The 44-year-old singer will hit the road next year on the girl group's reunion tour but admits she has had some wobbles about performing with the Wannabe hitmakers again.

She said: "I'm going to be visiting my therapist a lot more. I do see a therapist, talking is so important. The last time around with the Spice Girls, towards the end, I had a very difficult time. So, going back into that environment I've had a lot of anxiety. I've had some wobbles."

Mel - who is nicknamed 'Sporty Spice' - is determined to put on a really good show for the group's super-fans, and she is planning to ensure she is in peak physical fitness for the demanding tour schedule.

Speaking on Fearne Cotton's Happy Place podcast, she added: "It's a very physical show. We know people worked really hard to afford tickets, so we want to put on a really good show. Physically, I'm going to be really taking care of myself."

In 2016, Mel admitted she needed lots of therapy after shooting to fame with the Spice Girls because she struggled with being in the public eye at first.

She said: "I learnt very early on that you can't take one slice of the pie when it comes to fame. You have to eat the whole thing. I struggled with many aspects of being in the public eye, but after 20 years, motherhood and lots of therapy, I'm more at peace with the reality of achieving my childhood ambition."

What's more, Mel has spoken openly about suffering from depression during her time with the band.

In 2017, she said: "I'd never starved myself, but I wasn't eating properly and I was exercising obsessively and all of my time with the Spice Girls I think I was probably living on adrenaline, God only knows how I got through it and I think my body just got to the point where it was like - enough."

Speaking about seeking help following a family holiday, she said: "Literally my thoughts were 'I'm losing it, I'm going mad, I can't cope', so when I got home I went to my GP and for the first time ever I said out loud what was going on with me.

"He said 'OK, well the first thing we need to address is your depression', and this huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. I felt so relieved because I just thought, 'Oh my God it's got a name, it's something, I can be helped.' It was such a relief to me."

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