Sheila Gashumba Explains Why She Quit NBS TV

Media personality and social media influencer Sheilah Gashumba has revealed why she stopped working on television.

Sheila Gashumba Explains Why She Quit NBS TV
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Sheila Gashumba, the one you see on TV and social media all the time, just opened up about why she ditched the whole TV thing. It seems like there was some frustration behind the scenes.

Sheila says some people at NBS (her old TV station) wanted pats on the back for stuff she just didn't agree with. She wanted to use her platform to shine a light on up-and-coming musicians, but apparently, that wasn't part of the plan at NBS. That's not Sheila's style – she likes to make a difference, you know? So, she bounced.

“When I am working at a television station, I like to make an impact and at some stations I wast allowed to do so. That is how I left some of the television stations,” Sheilah Gashumba said 

By the way, Sheila's got a new gig at a radio station now, and she's also a talent manager on the side (used to manage her boyfriend, Rickman, remember?). Sounds like she's got her hands full doing things her way!

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