Of Course Bebe Cool Is My Fan, Stop Ranting — Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine has finally broken silence about social media reaction to Bebe Cool's performances at Kampala Carnival ... Bebe Cool performed Bobi's songs .. that makes him a big fan of the Ghetto President?!

Of Course Bebe Cool Is My Fan, Stop Ranting — Bobi Wine
Story by Businge Brian Franco \

You've read big news about what happened at Kampala City Carnival ... when Bebe Cool sang Bobi Wine's songs?! Huh! 

This is Bobi Wine's official message to his fans ... 

"NOW THIS GOES TO THE FIRE BASE ARMY AND ALL BOBI WINE FANS. I have seen a lot of soldiers so pissed and ranting on social media just because Baby Cool performed our songs in the carnival. NOW am saying to you soldiers , you don't have to get annoyed, it's OK for so one to be your fan."

"You have seen Shaggy come on stage and perform Bob Marley or Shabba Ranks songs first and then his. In music this is called RESPECT !! it doesn't mean he does not have his own songs, it's just that some times an artist needs to open their acts with more popular songs to work up the crowd and get him/her self accepted".

Bobi Wine added:

"So brothers and sisters... When a former hater turns into a fan and he is not shy to publicly show it, it's only mature to take it easy. TOMEGGA ATE N'OLUMA. Wamma neigbour, welcome to the #BobiWineEdutainment#BegaliraNebabiwulirizaMuKisenge #18thoctoberBusabalafest"

"This shows how much he values his fan base and would love to keep them all around if being so caring is what it takes to pull that off, so he argues his fans or better known to him as soldiers to calm down." — Bobi further said.

"When it comes to show bizz as a celeb you can feel sweet about what you got or achieved , but hey never ever double cross your fans, that’s a no no don’t do that…."

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