I’m So Proud Of Vinka – Jackie Chandiru

Singer Jackie Chandiru is bursting with pride over the success of her former backup singer, Vinka.

I’m So Proud Of Vinka – Jackie Chandiru
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There was a heartwarming moment at the recent Blu3 reunion concert in Kampala. Jackie Chandiru, one of the original members of the legendary Ugandan group, showered praise on fellow musician Vinka.

Vinka, now a star with Swangz Avenue, actually got her start as a backup singer for Jackie way back in the day, even before joining Swangz Avenue.

Jackie couldn't hold back her pride when talking about Vinka's success. "It's like watching your child grow up and become something amazing," she beamed.

Jackie remembers Vinka as a dedicated and eager learner, which is one of the reasons they worked together for so long.

Vinka, in turn, has spoken openly about how much Jackie helped launch her career. Sharing the stage with her former mentor must have been a full-circle moment!

"I was actually a bit starstruck seeing her up there," Jackie admitted, even though she's been following Vinka's impressive career for years.

Jackie also revealed she's been busy performing shows upcountry. While she was a little nervous returning to such a big stage for the reunion, it sounds like the joy of seeing Vinka shine made it all worthwhile.

As for future Blu3 concerts? Jackie says they won't be annual events, but they'll definitely get together again when the time is right!

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