Things To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Ignoring You

Essentially, it all comes down to how you make her feel. If you are making her feel a lot of love, respect and attraction for you, then she will have absolutely ...

Things To Do If Your Girlfriend Is Ignoring You
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How to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you? Many time in a relationship such time comes when your girlfriend does not pay you much attention. Those times can be hard to deal with. Such time needs the patience to calm your mind and to stop turning it into a fight or break up. To live a long-lasting relationship sometimes you need to ignore small fights which come your way. There are many ways which you can choose to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you few of them are mentioned in this article for you to notice.

1.) Try to Talk it Out to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You

If your girlfriend is ignoring you then there must be some reason for her to ignore you. When you notice that your girlfriend is not paying you attention like she used to then instead of jumping to the conclusion first try to talk it out. Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Ask your girlfriend whether if anything is bothering her? From her reaction, you will get to know the reason of her being like that. It can be the case that she is angry with you and therefore she is behaving like that.

2.) Do Not Ignore Her Back

Human tendency is to take revenge and when someone ignores you without your fault then it becomes hard for you to deal with it. To deal with your girlfriend ignoring you try to deal it with not ignoring her back. When you will ignore your girlfriend then it might not do any good to your relationship.

Your both relationship might get screwed up. It might be the case that your girlfriend is not having her good days or she is dealing with her bad days. There could be any reason which might make her gloomy and not attentive towards you. Therefore, as a good boyfriend, it is your responsibility to try to make her happy instead of making her sad.

3.) Give Her Space to Deal with Her when She Ignores You

As you know there could be many reasons for her to ignore you. Thus, try to get to know her situation. Look from your girlfriend’s point of view to understand her situation in a better way. To deal with your girlfriend ignoring you give her some time to recover and let her be on her own. It does not mean to ignore her. Look if she needs anything and be there for her whenever she needs you.

4.) Control Your Anger to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You

When she is mad then it is the right time to control your anger. To deal with your girlfriend ignoring you take care of your emotions and matter will be solved easily. When you will show your anger then it would make her lose her mind and you both can even reach to the wrong conclusion and may decide of breaking up.

5.) Ask General Questions to Divert Your Ignoring Girlfriend

Trying to divert her mood would be the best way to deal with an ignoring girlfriend. Ask her general questions and make her feel that you care for her. When you will try to divert her mind to cheer her up then she would feel good to see your efforts. You can ask any questions to deal with her ignoring you as it would keep the conversation going on between you two which is a good sign.

6.) Be With Her to Deal with Girlfriend Ignoring You

If your girlfriend is not feeling good and she is sad then that is the time she needs you the most. Maybe she is not expressing it but she wants you in her life and she doesn’t want to be alone. Give her assurance that she is not alone and you are with her at every moment. Even if she is not talking properly tell her that you are there with her forever and she will not have to suffer anything alone.

7.) Express How You Feel 

You are also not feeling well seeing her that way and when she is ignoring you it must have made you feel devastated. When she is not talking to you much then you must be feeling miserable and it is time to make her feel how you feel. It is not bad to show your weak side to her after all she is your girlfriend.

Keep your ego aside for a while and make her sit with you for a talk. Tell her that you are not feeling good seeing her that way. This might make her feel bad about her action and she might start sharing with you about her problems.

8.) Discuss Her Problem

If she has yet not shared any of her problems then it is time for you to take initiative and ask her friends what is going on with her. Her friends must be knowing what is going on in her life. When you get to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you then it is better to work with a calm mind as she is already not in her presence of mind and someone has to be. You can even ask her directly about her problems and discuss it with her. Discussing problem even helps to make people feel good and positive.

9.) Find the Solution to Her Problems

Once you know what is bothering her then try to find the solution for her. Be a responsible boyfriend and watch out for every possible way to eliminate the problem to keep your girlfriend happy. That is the time she needs your support the most and you have to be with her. Assure her that everything will be okay and she will never have to be sad and on her own. You both together can work it out and find the solution for it. Nothing is impossible in the world and every problem can be solved.

10.) Take Her Out to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You

When you see that she is suffering from a problem and you want her to be happy then you need to make efforts to get her happy. If you know that it will take her time to recover then try to help her to recover. Try to distract her mind and keep her soul happy. Take her out for a dinner date or a long drive to make her feel good. This is probably one of the best ways to deal with your girlfriend ignoring you.

11.) See if She is Really Not Interested?

There also can be the case that she is not anymore interested in you but do not reach to this conclusion without trying anything. When you have tried a lot and you have tried all you can to keep up with her and still you find her ignoring you then it is time to spy her a bit. Maybe now she is not interested in you. Look if she spends out most of her time on her phone or if she stays happy when she is with someone else then it can be concluded that she does not want to stay with you, her behavior with others would help you to know if she is actually facing some bad times or if she is bored with you.

12.) Let Her Be to Deal with Your Girlfriend Ignoring You

If you find it out that she is bored with you then it is better to let her go and do not disturb her. Talk to her once regarding all this and then tell her that if she is not interested then it is better to move apart. Even though you love her a lot still there is no point in living a dead relationship which cannot give you anything except pain.

You have tried your best and but you are not getting any positive response from your girlfriend. It might mean that she wants to move on and she is doing it all so that you would initiate the break up with her. When you are clearly seeing that she is not like before and there is no love from her side then let her go and let her be happy on her own. If your love is true the one day sh will realize what blunder she committed leaving you and may come back to you forever.

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