Daily Uganda beat me and got miscarriage - Queen Leyla

Queen Leyla accuses Daily Uganda of domestic violence, leaving fans heartbroken. Read the shocking details.

Daily Uganda beat me and got miscarriage - Queen Leyla
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Loukman Kaweesi, known online as Daily Uganda, was head over heels. After connecting with a beautiful American entrepreneur, Queen Leyla, on TikTok, their romance blossomed. Leyla even flew to Uganda for a meet-cute at the airport, documented by a swarm of excited fans.

But the dream quickly turned into a nightmare. Leyla has come forward, revealing a dark side to their whirlwind relationship. She alleges Loukman subjected her to domestic violence, including emotional abuse and even physical harm that resulted in a miscarriage. Leyla, already a single mom who left her previous partner for similar reasons, couldn't bear to repeat the cycle.

This is a heartbreaking turn of events for a couple that captured hearts online. From their meet-cute to their supposed happily ever after, it seemed like a perfect love story. Now, Leyla is left to pick up the pieces, highlighting the very real issue of domestic violence that can hide behind a facade of internet fame.

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