I took drugs to end my life, I woke up the next morning - Jackie Chandiru

In a powerful interview, Jackie Chandiru reveals her battle with addiction and suicidal thoughts.

I took drugs to end my life, I woke up the next morning - Jackie Chandiru
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Singer Jackie Chandiru bravely shared a painful part of her life recently. She revealed that during a difficult time battling negativity and addiction, she attempted suicide six times.

Jackie says the constant negativity from the public, even while she was seeking help in rehab, took a huge toll on her. People made assumptions without knowing the full story, and the hurtful comments left her feeling unwanted and hopeless.

In her most desperate moments, Jackie admitted to trying to take her own life on six separate occasions. One particularly disturbing attempt involved a pharmacy that assisted her in choosing a lethal combination of drugs. Even after taking them, she woke up with a terrible hangover, realizing she was still alive.

“I have tried suicide on six different occasions but none was successful. At one time a certain pharmacy assisted me on how to carry it out because when you have money everything is possible. I bought a combination of different drugs and they told me to drink it with Kasese waragi. But on waking up, I was neither in heaven nor hell. I was still alive,” she said.

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