Rehab saved my life from drug addiction - Grenade Offical

Grenade Official has spoken about his rehabilitation experience through the past months.

Rehab saved my life from drug addiction - Grenade Offical
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Singer Grenade Official is back and sharing his story. He recently opened up about spending the past few months in rehab, battling addiction and the struggle to get back on his feet.

Grenade admits things got rough. He says the first weeks in rehab were a blur - a foggy period where he couldn't remember much about how he felt or spent his days. Fans might remember him from a concert incident where things took a bad turn. Now, he's explaining the root cause: alcohol and drugs were holding him back.

This wasn't just any decision. His friend and fellow musician, Eddy Kenzo, saw him struggling and knew it was time for help. Rehab became the answer.

"I know my fans missed me," Grenade says, "and let me tell you, I missed them too. But I had to get help to get my life back on track." He admits feeling angry at first, even confused, but things are different now. "I'm doing much better," he confirms.

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