Weasel And AgaNaga Exchange Blows At Club Amnesia

Following their ceaseless beef, Khalifah AgaNaga and Weasel almost fought at club Amnesia after getting into a noisy quarrel.

Weasel And AgaNaga Exchange Blows At Club Amnesia
Story by Uncle Dickson \

Yesterday, singers Khalifa AgaNaga and Weasel came close to exchanging blows inside Club Amnesia, a source tells Howwe.biz.

It was quite a night for the two Singers after they got into a heated altercation at the night club. Our Source reports that Weasel asked the DJ to stop playing music when Aganaga stormed the Club with his gang.

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Weasel claims that the Nassanga Singer and his entourage was there to fight.

"Weasel was partying at the Club with other Goodlyfe members when he came face to face with Aganaga, they got into an argument and a standoff was caused for a couple of minutes" -- the source says.

They found themselves approaching to blows before Dj Nimrod separated them and had Aganaga Kicked out of the Club through the back door, the source adds.

There's been reports about bad blood between the two music giants since 2014 when Aganaga accused Goodlyfe of stealing the beats of his Ndabilawa song to make their Amasso track.

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