Habits That Are Making You Fat!

It is well-known that diet and exercise are vital for an effective weight loss but at times some of our healthy habits can work against us.

Habits That Are Making You Fat!
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It is well-known that diet and exercise are vital for an effective weight loss but at times some of our healthy habits can work against us. When on a weight loss mission, some of the basic switches we make such as saying no to fat, saying no to snacking and nibbling on fruits throughout the day could do us more harm than good. Here is a list of so-called ‘healthy’ habits that could be making you fat.

Eliminating fat from your diet

We treat fat as our enemy and opt for products that claim to have zero or low fat content. But what we don’t take into consideration is that we are reaching out for processed, packaged products that make up for the low-fat content by added sugar, chemicals and preservatives that inevitably lead to weight gain. Also, not all fats are bad for health. Monounsaturated fats found in nuts, seeds and olive oil are vital for burning calories. Do remember to consume healthy fats in moderation as excessive consumption can make you gain weight.

Snacking on fruits all day long

It is true that fruits are healthy and packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants but they are not the food you can consume when on a weight loss plan. Going on a starvation diet and bingeing on fruits throughout will leave you malnourished. Your body needs a package of all the nutrients for its healthy functioning which can only be provided by a variety of food groups. Don’t forget that fruits have high sugar content and excessive intake of fruits can negate your weight loss efforts.

Not getting enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep can prove to be a major hindrance between you and your weight loss goals. Sleep deprivation can be a major cause for your irresistible food cravings. It makes you crave for foods that are calorie-dense, loaded with carbohydrates and fats.

Not hydrating yourself

Water can work wonders when you are trying to lose weight. Water promotes overall health from skin, bone, joints to digestive health. Unfortunately, we do not hydrate enough due to wrong lifestyle habits that reflects badly on our body. Not drinking enough fluids can make you feel sluggish which you often misinterpret as hunger and eventually eat more.

Not seeking right nutrition and health advice

There is no one-way approach to weight loss. Consulting a certified practitioner for your health related issues and weight loss regime is critically important. We are different in terms of our body composition and requirements; thus our approach to weight loss can also be different. Getting yourself educated and aware about your health concerns will make you get a correct outlook and that will quicken and simplify the process.

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