Musicians Who Own Music Studios at Home 

Here is a list of musicians who own studios at home. Read on;

Musicians Who Own Music Studios at Home 
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In attempt to slow down the spread of Corona virus, the government banned all public gatherings and musicians were among the people that were highly affected by the lockdown. They are stuck home doing nothing. However,  musicians own studios at their homes and they continue to produce music as they wait for things to normalize.
Here is a list of musicians who own studios at home. Read on;


His Leone Island studio is located in a garage at his house in Seguku. He gives access to all members of this crew. Chameleone, however, rarely records music from the studio.


Maro’s operates his Vocal Police studio at his home in Nsambya. The singer says he spends most of time recording new music. He has so far released three songs including Tuyinamu, Give thanks and “Can’t find your love” ft Lillian Mbabazi.
The studio has a resident producer named  Zuli Tams.
He also baby sits  his baby when he is not in studio.


Ykee is one of the most hardworking musicians today. His studio Mpaka Records is stationed at his home. 
Benda says he spends most of his time in studio. 
“I have a lot of songs lined up. Hundreds of nice music waiting to be released,” he confirms.


He has a collection of songs to his name, only a few get known. He spends much of his time in studio which is in one of the rooms at his home. When he is not recording music, he reads books. He recently released a song titled "Mucurfew". He produces and writes most of his music.


He is a singer but he largely known as a producer. He owns  a studio in his bedroom in Najjera. He was recently accused of harassing upcoming female musicians from his studio, allegations he continues to deny.
When he was asked why he keeps the studio in the bedroom, he said he records music whenever he gets motivated while in bed.


Lately, he produces and writes all his music. He wrote and self produced the viral hit song, Parte after Parte. He owns studio equipment at his home. He confesses that having a studio at home helped him master production.


He says he spends his time playing video games, playing with his children or recording music at the Gudlyfe Magic Studio at  Neverland in Makindye.

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