Ug Cypher 2 Out Featuring Uganda’s Best Hip-Hop Stars — Video

Ug Cypher 2 will make you believe hip-hop is the most important idea for this generation in influencing positivity, self-awareness, and change throughout the world.

Ug Cypher 2 Out Featuring Uganda’s Best Hip-Hop Stars — Video
Story by Gee Mukama \

What happens when you put together the dopest rappers in Uganda on one stage? Maybe dropping a hard beat, and rolling the cameras to showcase their expensive jewelries, Right?

Well, thanks to Talent Africa Music they have the answer for you as they feature Crème de la Crème of Uganda’s hip-hop industry. Navio, The Mith, Mun G, Enygma, Ninja C, Big Tril, St Nelly Sade, Ruyonga, Flex D Paper, Tucker HD, Lyrical G and Three Card.

If you haven’t heard these guys murder the beat yet, I advise you, to go buy cotton ear cleaners, remove any wax that would make the rap-flow altered and listen to these four guys who just nailed it for me in this best cypher so far from Uganda: Mun G, Ruyonga, Lyrical G and Three Card.

The kind of energy, charisma, and passion that radiates from rhythmic lyrical precision was just so pleasing to the ear. Welcome to Ugandan Hip-hop

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