The Untold Story: Broke DJ Bush Baby's Struggle to Get Back on His Feet

Legendary dejaay Bush Baby has revealed how an accident drained him financially during Covid19 lockdown.

The Untold Story: Broke DJ Bush Baby's Struggle to Get Back on His Feet
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The music stopped for the legendary DJ Bush Baby, not with a fading beat, but with a thud into a hidden danger. It wasn't a dramatic stage exit, but a mundane moment washing his car that took him from the vibrant world of radio and gigs to the quiet struggle of recovery.

"I didn't think it was serious," he recalls, the echo of disbelief still lingering in his voice. "One minute I'm cleaning, the next I'm down, hip shattered." The diagnosis? Six months off work, a brutal sentence in the already uncertain days of the Covid lockdown.

Bush Baby has always hustled. Juggling media jobs that didn't quite cover the bills, he squeezed in extra gigs to support his family. Now, the man who used to command crowds is confined to his home, the music replaced by the dull throb of pain.

"It was rock bottom," he admits, but even in the darkness, glimmers of humanity shone through. Fellow musicians, understanding the silent melody of hardship, stepped in. "They helped me look after my family," he says, his voice thick with gratitude. "I can't forget their kindness."

The road to recovery is long, paved with physiotherapy and financial worries. But Bush Baby, like a good beat, is finding his rhythm again. He started small, with online gigs, then cautious steps back into the world.

Today, the music plays again, a little softer perhaps, but richer for the experience. The accident may have drained him, but it couldn't dim his spirit.

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