New Song — Radio & Weasel release 'Sawa Ya Beer' ... Download Now!

The dynamic duo of Radio & Weasel just officially released their new song titled 'Sawa Ya Beer' to sensitize the masses on responsible drinking.

New Song — Radio & Weasel release 'Sawa Ya Beer' ... Download Now!
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Radio & Weasel are the new face of Nile Breweries Ltd and we're being told this promo deal 'Sawa Ya Beer' has earned the singers lots of dough ... congrats!

They recorded the new song in a move to sensitize the public about responsible drinking.

'Sawa Ya Beer' -- the song -- was premiered on Friday at Silk Royal and the event was spearheaded Nile Breweries Limited.

Nile Breweries Corporate Affairs Director, Onapito Ekomoloit, told Chimpreports that the new song is a responsibility song that seeks to educated beer lovers to drink responsibly.

Download 'Sawa Ya Beer' Here!

Meanwhile, Radio & Weasel released another super-amazing new song with German singer Deena Herr titled 'Mpanilira'.

Download 'Mpanilira' below!

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