Find Out How "The Fattest Woman - 1000-Pound Mayra Rosales" Lost 800 Pounds

The ‘Half Ton Killer:’ Mayra Rosales dubbed the Half Ton Killer is in the news again but this time for good reason. She posted her new look and latest pictures online showing that she finally lost around 800 pounds after suffering obesity. (PHOTO: Mayra Rosales/Facebook)

Find Out How
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In 2008, Rosales confessed that she smothered his two-year-old nephew Eliseo Rosales Jr., and she did not feel any guilt about it. Police found out that she cannot roll over and that she was not guilty of killing her nephew.

Later on, they discovered that Mayra's nephew Eliseo suffered from severe head injuries and those caused his death. It turned out that those were caused by her sister, who was subsequently convicted of the crime and sentenced to 15 years in jail, Inquisitr reported.

According to, Mayra began to change the way she thought about food because of the tragedy. From her first attempt to lose weight in 2011, she lost 100 pounds. After going through 11 surgeries, skin removal operations and underwent a lap-band procedure, she always shares health tips, inspirations and update of her dramatic loss online.

Many supporters run through Mayra's social media account. Jossalynn Moukouanga said to her to keep up whatever she is doing to inspire and help others. Another netizen, Julianne Naeem, said that Mayra is a real inspiration.

Having changed her life to a better one for the sake of her nephew and sister who is in jail, Mayra now has a boyfriend and she continues living a happy, inspiring and healthy life.

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