Mudra D Viral Announces Political Aspirations After Music Career

Mudra D Viral has revealed that he set to join politics any time he leaves his music career.

Mudra D Viral Announces Political Aspirations After Music Career
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Mudra D Viral isn't your typical singer. This versatile artist is balancing music with his entrepreneurial spirit, all while harboring a surprising ambition: politics.

Music has been Mudra's passion, but it seems his desire to serve runs even deeper. He dreams of one day transitioning from catchy tunes to parliamentary debates, representing the people he cares about.

His journey hasn't been without its bumps. A past collaboration with singer Ava Peace ended due to financial disagreements, a reminder of the challenges artists face in the industry. Mudra has since moved on, now managing the rising star, TikToker and dancer Winnie Wa Mummy.

But music, for Mudra, feels temporary. He doesn't see himself as a posthumous musical legend. "I came to work," he declares, and his work, it seems, extends beyond the recording studio.

“I don’t want my music to be played once I’m gone. I came to work, and I’ll quit music to join politics and represent my people,”

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